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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Free on Friday Night?

Our friends over at Newcastle Mirage are being kind enough to host a launch party for the third edition of the Newcastle Mirage zine. If you haven't read one yet, you really should get out and pick one up! We have a monthly feature article in there showcasing some of Newcastle's best kept secrets and a guide for the best things to do in town. 

Where: At the freshest new art space Shop Steel City on Hunter St. 
(next door to Hamburger Haven)
(Shop 4, 451 Hunter Street.)

We will be hanging out, reading the newest issue.

Listening to cool tunes from Ibazz and #Hashtag 

While enjoying a couple of cheeky beverages to celebrate the weekend.

If you like any (all) of these things then pop in and grab a copy/say hello/stop for a second to smell the roses (there will be no actual roses).

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nobby's Lighthouse now open!

Picture - Copyright Novastreamedia - please ask before reproducing

Nobby's Beach was buzzing today with the Lighthouse being open, and what better way to find out that the NSW Government have confirmed that Nobby's Lighthouse will be open EVERY SUNDAY!

Not only is it a magnificent walk, but the views are breathtaking! Exquisite art and historical photos are hung along the walls of the houses at the top of the hill and showcase an important part of Newcastle's history.

If you get to the top and you need some sustenance, there is a coffee cart with tea, coffee, water and snacks to keep your hunger at bay.

Many thanks to the volunteers who walked us around the houses and location today giving us the scoop on the history of this landmark.

Make sure you head on up to the lighthouse when you can, this is something not to be missed!

Nobby's Lighthouse is now open every Sunday.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A happy heart is a healthy heart

A happy heart is a healthy heart
By Jessica Tisdell

Identical twin sisters Toni and Kate Lunavich have poured their heart and soul into ‘Café Heart’ a new upbeat café situated at 575 Hunter Street, Newcastle.
The cafe has only been open a mere three weeks and in that time they have seen a huge positive response from the local community including hundreds of comments on their Facebook page.

The quirky café has a kid’s corner with mini chalkboard tables and toys to let the kids creativity come out. There is also a television playing all the kids classics to keep them entertained.

Kate Lunavich says she “wants customers to feel welcome and be provided with good service without having to pay the price of a fine dining restaurant.”

You can order cinnamon pancakes for a sweet start in the morning, or the truly original baked Avocado and Egg. Lunch times are a breeze with a Moroccan Chicken Burger and the Salt and Pepper combo for dinner is a crowd favourite.

With a pending liquor license, Cafe Heart will be transformed into an elegant wine bar at night, with live music to set the mood. Currently the cafe offers a BYO service with no corkage.

A happy heart is a healthy heart,” says the Lunavich twins.
As if that was not enough, Café Heart has brought the first Slayer espresso machine to Newcastle, and is known for being the ‘Ferrari’ of coffee machines.

Now the Lunavich sisters have added live music on the weekends during breakfast and dinner time also known as acoustic sessions. Anyone who can play the guitar and know a few covers should come along.

Café heart has outstanding customer service; the food is tasteful and has the overall right balance that only a great family environment can provide.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

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Newcastle Discov. Team

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Who Are We - Alaisdair Dewar

I have lived in Newcastle most of my life. I am currently studying at the University Of Newcastle and am excited about the changes happening in Newcastle! I should also mention that I run Novastream who you will see on the What's On page with movies, music, tv and game reviews. I love eating out, comparing coffee shops and am always shopping at Charlestown Square. 

Whats your favourite place in Newcastle?
The breakwall at Nobby's Beach. 
Whats your favourite cafe in Newcastle?
Cafe Heart - amazing coffee and beautiful food
Whats your favourite restaurant in Newcastle?
Delucas on Darby Street

What's your favourite beach in newcastle?
Nobby's Beach 

What's your favourite shop in newcastle?
Lush at Charlestown Square
What's your favourite live event in newcastle?
The Newcastle Show! I never miss it

Where is the best nightlife in newcastle?
A quiet drink and a nice live show is always at Lizottes

Who Are We ? - Jessica Tisdell

I have lived in Newcastle my whole life and love it here. I'm currently studying Communication at the University of Newcastle and can't wait to begin my journey with journalism.  I should also mention that I am obsessed with film and farely a lot of television series, from Game of Thrones to Pretty Little Liars. I don't plan to completely grow up anytime soon and its always fun to stay in touch with your inner-child. I have also been known to belt out some hard-hitting notes on karaoke and food is definitely the key to my heart.

Whats your favourite place in Newcastle?
King Edward Park
Whats your favourite cafe in newcastle?
Coco Monde
Whats your favourite restaurant in newcastle?
The Wharf Restaurant, Honeysuckle
What's your favourite beach in newcastle?
Newcastle Beach
What's your favourite shop in newcastle?
Ally Fashion and Typo at Charlestown Square
What's your favourite live event in newcastle?
Carols by candlelight at Speers Point
Where is the best nightlife in newcastle?
Finnigans and if you like hip hop/rnb like me the CBD Hotel is also a great place.

Tis The Season Photoshoot

Check out our latest photo session from Tis The Season - Hamilton's new store for all your holiday needs! Check out their Christmas In July range below!

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