Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Free on Friday Night?

Our friends over at Newcastle Mirage are being kind enough to host a launch party for the third edition of the Newcastle Mirage zine. If you haven't read one yet, you really should get out and pick one up! We have a monthly feature article in there showcasing some of Newcastle's best kept secrets and a guide for the best things to do in town. 

Where: At the freshest new art space Shop Steel City on Hunter St. 
(next door to Hamburger Haven)
(Shop 4, 451 Hunter Street.)

We will be hanging out, reading the newest issue.

Listening to cool tunes from Ibazz and #Hashtag 

While enjoying a couple of cheeky beverages to celebrate the weekend.

If you like any (all) of these things then pop in and grab a copy/say hello/stop for a second to smell the roses (there will be no actual roses).

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