Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nobby's Lighthouse now open!

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Nobby's Beach was buzzing today with the Lighthouse being open, and what better way to find out that the NSW Government have confirmed that Nobby's Lighthouse will be open EVERY SUNDAY!

Not only is it a magnificent walk, but the views are breathtaking! Exquisite art and historical photos are hung along the walls of the houses at the top of the hill and showcase an important part of Newcastle's history.

If you get to the top and you need some sustenance, there is a coffee cart with tea, coffee, water and snacks to keep your hunger at bay.

Many thanks to the volunteers who walked us around the houses and location today giving us the scoop on the history of this landmark.

Make sure you head on up to the lighthouse when you can, this is something not to be missed!

Nobby's Lighthouse is now open every Sunday.

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