Saturday, July 20, 2013

Who Are We - Alaisdair Dewar

I have lived in Newcastle most of my life. I am currently studying at the University Of Newcastle and am excited about the changes happening in Newcastle! I should also mention that I run Novastream who you will see on the What's On page with movies, music, tv and game reviews. I love eating out, comparing coffee shops and am always shopping at Charlestown Square. 

Whats your favourite place in Newcastle?
The breakwall at Nobby's Beach. 
Whats your favourite cafe in Newcastle?
Cafe Heart - amazing coffee and beautiful food
Whats your favourite restaurant in Newcastle?
Delucas on Darby Street

What's your favourite beach in newcastle?
Nobby's Beach 

What's your favourite shop in newcastle?
Lush at Charlestown Square
What's your favourite live event in newcastle?
The Newcastle Show! I never miss it

Where is the best nightlife in newcastle?
A quiet drink and a nice live show is always at Lizottes

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